Customer Never Received Gift

If your customer did not receive their gift, you may simply locate their order in the Locate Lead feature and click the Resend Gift Now button on their individual order.

Customer Does Not Have Gift Reservation Code

If your customer fails to bring in the Gift Reservation Code, you may click on Locate Lead and find your customer by a variety of fields, including name and email.

The Customer Already Exists In Database

When the system alerts you that the customer already exists in the database, you may want to go to the Locate Lead feature and review the customer's details to confirm if they have already received their gift.

The Customer's Information is Incorrect

Upon reviewing the customer's information, you can view the customer's order and change details by selecting the Edit button.

The Customer Already Reserved Their Gift but Would Like to Change It

Simply select Locate Lead for your customer and click the edit gift button before selecting Trigger Gift.

The Customer Did Not Make Their Reservation Prior to Arriving at the Event Location

If your customer failed to make a reservation prior to their visit, you may simply select Add New Customer and Trigger the gift for them, once all terms are met.

Customer Does Not Have Promo Code

The promo code is the same as your company's campaign code, it tells you what type of media was used to generate the lead. If the customer has already reserved a gift you can look them up by other queries to find the reservation, and the promo code is not needed. If they are not in the reservation system a promo code may be required in order to trigger a gift delivery. If you don't have the Promo Code, admin logins can trigger a gift using the ADD NEW CUSTOMER feature. See admin for access to this feature.

What are the Promotional Terms

Each promotion has certain terms that are offered to the consumer in order to qualify them for the gift. You should have access to a Promo Key - which would define the promo codes and terms. See Management / Admin for any questions.


Leads Captured: The Leads Captured Report displays the number of pre-registered leads (prior to attending the event) generated through various social media, website or third party campaigns.

Leads Converted: The Leads Converted Report displays the number of leads who successfully completed an offer and met the terms of the campaign (coming to event location). Their gifts have been delivered.

Instant Rewards: The Instant Rewards Report displays the number of leads who successfully completed an offer without pre-registering. These were manually added by a representative using the Trigger platform.

Run Custom Report: Custom Reports can be generated based upon Leads Captured, Leads Converted, Representative’s Name or Campaign Name. Reports can be generated by any date range desired.

Graphs and Charts: Graphs and Charts quickly provide the analytics needed to determine which campaigns were the most successful and which campaigns may need improvement. This will also help determine the number of leads collected for potential future sales.